Hello and Welcome to my website. Born in 1983 I have been writing since 1996. Written words were my entertainment, secret friend and therapist. But they were always only for me. The first time I wrote for someone else was for my son who wanted a story about himself! One thing led to another and his growing demands for new stories led to my first picture book “Ummu Loves To Walk” in November 2018. Click here to preview the book or buy it! It’s also available at Barnes & Nobles and Bookshout

I have always believed that a good book allows the reader to become the main character. In this book every child can do just that! Replace the name Ummu with your child’s name and Voila! Instant customization. For ideas on how to use this book to encourage healthy habits in your child see my blog post “Get Active with Ummu“.

Speaking of Blog posts, Connect with me on my blog for conversations about daily life, conscious parenting, Hindu ethos & values, New Year Resolutions, Recipes and everything else that you can think of. Hope to hear from you soon!

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