The Journey Begins

Compassion, Love and Beauty cannot be explained. They must be experienced.

These are lines said by my Guru Sw Iswarananda Giri. These are the lines that have started me on a journey with my loved ones and you. I am a homemaker a community worker a wife, daughter sister and more recently a mother. My son Unmukt is 3 years old. Having a child has clarified my priorities, shut out noise and added a sense of urgency to the process of becoming the best version of myself. While the process is an internal and solitary quest I desperately wish to share the lessons learnt with my son. I have thought about how to do this too often. Conversations with friends and family are usually tinged with this concern. Despite my best efforts I felt Something was missing. Then I came across this line – “Compassion, Love and Beauty can not be explained they have to be experienced.” An idea germinated but I needed friends to join me. The first and only person who came to mind was my dear friend Lauren Grace who immediately said Yes. So what was the idea you ask……..

Every week Grace, her two angels Ella and Gia, Unmukt and I will do something that helps us raise our awareness of our condition vis a vis the world we live in. Every week us two mothers will plan activities with our children to experience Compassion, Beauty and Love. And you my friends must join us on this journey to keep us accountable, honest and authentic.


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  1. Beautiful. Awesome write up. Keep it up. I’m so proud of you. You’re an amazing person. I can see your dedication in your work. Looking forward to see more n more of your great work.

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