This week’s theme was compassion with a declared goal – Encourage compassion towards Homeless. My secret goal however was “Somehow get Unmukt to be nice to Ved (cousin)”.

The good news is that this week we (Read husband) did figure out a way to make the kids be nice to each other. He plays rough with the 3 boys for 30 minuets or so after which almost magically they Cooperate and play together quite well ! (Translation- they aren’t killing each other).

While this is more of a parenting hack than anything else it did teach me a lesson in Compassion. Sudeep approached the kids at their level. He didn’t sit on a moral high horse and dictate “Be Nice”. Rather he understood “Boys will be Boys” and helped them find a safe avenue to spend their excess energy in a physical way.

Approach people with an understanding of their situation and needs. This to me is the definition of Compassion. This week I understood compassion by witnessing Beauty of the Testosterone bond between the boys (of all ages) of my household. Who Knew!!!!

This experience was then compounded by a Facebook video I watched about a school that uses Meditation rooms instead of Detention. This school management understood that people act out because they find themselves ill equipped to deal with their emotions. They showed COMPASSION by helping the children develop the ability to experience those emotions in a wholesome way. I too am now trying to inculcate this practice in parenting AND in my dealings with myself. After all, if we are cruel and judgmental to ourselves we cannot truly be Compassionate towards others. I can only give what I have. (Click Here)

This week started with my focus on Unmukt’s behavior but has ended with me evaluating and correcting my thought process. This again is a lesson in Compassion. It’s Bhagwati (Goddess) being compassionate towards me. It’s no coincidence that this same week I also came across an Article that my sister had shared last year. It was titled “It’s hard for them too”. Regardless of your relationship status this is an article worth reading. I found it a lesson in Compassion through and through.

As I enter a new week I carry the theme of Compassion with me. I hope you will continue to accompany me.

For fun – How many times did I type “Compassion” in this post? Can you tell me?


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