Week 7 Activity

This post is a follow up to my previous post titled Gratitude. If you have not read it yet, read it here

This week’s activity is maintaining a gratitude diary for 7 days. I will share nuggets from our Gratitude diary on this Blog✍️. Please share your daily gratitude diary in the Comments section below 👇


  1. This day is just begun, But yesterday was even more successful day. After everydays early morning chores, I ran to Lowe’s to get some soil for my plants. Then I prepared my garden bed with more then 30 fruits and vegetables plants. I planted two roses in my front yard. And it was just 12pm. So happy. Then after some break I did my painting for a little time, then went to pickup kids. Rest of the day was easy, went to my daughter’s dance class then prepared dinner. Then I give my family a head massage, while doing homework. Then read a moral story to my kids like everyday and make them sleep. Then I watched some tv while eating sunflower seeds 🙂 peeling sunflowers seed is actually a job, my right arm was hurt, but before sleeping I did acupressure and it was immediately healed , I thanked to God and people around me and I slept.

    Today I made kids favorite things for lunch, 3 different lunch (pancakes, burritos, sabji paratha) for three different people (my kids n hubby). I’m happy. Many more to come…

    There’s always reason to be thankful. I’m breathing and while breathing I’m smiling. I feel God is with me always. I’m thankful.

    I always recite two shloka mostly all the time.
    Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah….
    And Asto Maa Sadgamay…… these twos are my everytime prayers. These help me live in peace.


  2. It was a good day again. Ready for bed, thanking for friends like you and family which is my reason of smile and God, who always show me the right way to follow my purpose of life.
    I’ve no regrets in life, I’m sleeping with peace. I live My every moment as it’s my last moment and every new moment i live in bliss. May everyone live in peace.


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