These thoughts are unedited and free flowing. Thus, this piece may seem abrupt.In scriptures we see Brahma as the Creator energy. You will note that he never destroys. He never kills. Is he seen as ever giving a curse? Yet, you see the Goddess – the quintessential Mother and she comes to us in all forms. She kills, protects, nurtures……  This is how the meaning unfolds to me – Brahm is the potential. It manifests itself into two main categories – Male and Female. We see both have 3 properties – Create (Brahma / Parvati), Protect (Any and all Gidess forms / Vishnu) and Destroy (Shiva / Kali, Durga).Which aspect becomes active depends on what the devotee wants and which aspect the devotee invokes. In social situations this is how I apply it. Both Men and Women have the power to create, nurture, protect and destroy (all according to dharma). Which aspect in men and women is dominant depends on what society expects of them. Each aspect has its place and its time. To actively suppress one and encourage the other is unnatural. Each individual must be allowed to express (or not) each aspect of its personality as it comes naturally to her / him. It’s the active suppression that leads to reactions and aberrations. For centuries, women were refused support by families when they tried to express themselves in ways other than maintaining homes. When a woman was not satisfied by maintaining a home and wanted to express herself in larger magnitude, she was not allowed. This suppression led to an aberration – today’s feminism that doesn’t allow her to freely express her maternal home maker side. Hopefully, in time after swinging in extremes we will find a place of quiet contentment and free expression in the middle path.For centuries, men too have suppressed their nurturing selves. They have been mocked for responding to natural beauty, for showing empathy…… for acknowledging their emotions and therefore they have been mocked essentially for looking inward. In some ways I believe the true victims all these centuries have been men. They have been actively deprived of opportunities to look within and to develop the nurturing aspect which is so essential for creation. Even as a protector a man is taught to protect by using authority like an Asura. He is not taught to be Vishnu – Vishnu who comes to Bhu Devi’s assistance in the shape of a Varaha and gently lifts her on his tusks ensuring no harm comes to her. Vishnu who only takes the role of a Guru when she asks him questions. Vishnu who is ever smiling and uses his wit to tackle the Asuras. Vishnu who asks “Where do I put my third step O Bali!” giving Bali a chance to achieve greatness with his answer. He is NEVER imposing his will. Always standing by and only interfering when Adharma crosses a boundary / limit. It is therefore no surprise that SO many men in our society are now lost and behave like Asuras. They suffer from an aberration caused by telling them “raising children is a woman’s job. you just earn the money.” They have been deprived of the opportunity that raising a child presents – Becoming better versions of ourselves.

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