A Poem

Today, instead of the usual posts, I shall share with you a poem:

Freedom’s Birth to Bondage

A noisy celebrated birth

Freedom is bound to birth


From being the Infinite Being

Pushed to living moments leased


In a soft warm cage

Hey Timeless begins to age


Wrenched into another new world

He protests, newly acquired senses in a swirl


Few years down the lane as She learns our ways

One evening in the grove, a fleeting memory invades


Whence forth it came?

what was it? We forget


We sought and desired the object of peace

He laughed and called us *Kasturi!


Questions, faith and Reasoning

Spirituality becomes life’s seasoning


As the lease shortens moments of panic lengthen

Do we crave to break the cage?

Will we embrace the sanatan way?


I learn, We try, and then?

Then I apostrophize


Consume them away! mind ego and their restraints

Show me myself, let me embrace my eternal Self


But time has not come

Lessons not yet learnt


I pray that I may crave

For freedom lost that day


*Kasturi – Musk deer


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