November 2018 was an important month for me as I published my very first Children’s book. Post publication as I tried to navigate the marketing jungle I came across many bloggers who review books for free. However, it was near impossible to find someone who reviews children’s books exclusively. This is important because what kids like is SO different from adults! I am a Mom and wrote my book as a gift to my child. The aspects of a book that my child enjoys are the aspects that only mothers and fellow authors can imagine. Therefore, I too join in the “Review For Free Blogger Club” with gusto. I pick up books from

Book Bub

Online Book Club

Choosy Bookworm

EBook Stage

EBook Hounds

The Indie View

Kindle Unlimited

As an author you are free to email me at and I WILL review your book. Please remember to write “Review Request” in the subject field or I will delete it.

If my review is not so stellar review I will email you personally. If it IS a positive review I will post it on any 3 sites you ask me to.

If the book is appropriate for a 4 yr old I might even buy it.